Interim Executive Management

About this service offering:

We provide Executive interim management at different points in a Company’s life cycle. We have effectively worked to improve operations, maximize the enterprises’ opportunities, and manage risk by engaging at the right place and the right time. We have worked in a CRO capacity for distressed enterprises as well as CFO with profitable businesses requiring additional horse power and providing managerial optionality.

An Executive departure is difficult for an organization, and can cause disruption beyond just the need to backfill the position. Traverse’s team of experienced executives can assist organizations through times of executive transition. We often work in conjunction with senior management in order minimize the impact of the departure, by maintaining operations, providing leadership through existing business processes, and facilitating growth and momentum as a company transitions.

Our executives understand that the role of an interim executive is different from that of a permanent executive. The person must address both operational issues and issues related specifically to the transition period, while integrating seamlessly into the organization. We work with our clients to fill a variety of key positions (CRO, CFO, COO), until the company is able to implement an executive search, allowing them time select the right candidate. Tenure of our Interim Management executives varies by each client’s needs, and often we can assist in finding the right candidate and provide thought leadership and executive coaching during the transition.

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